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Enhance your customer experience and win new customers

Whizamet is a solution-focused firm committed to providing exceptional results that help your business scale. We believe that the best customer experiences begin with effective contact centers. Our contact center solutions allow you to engage with your customers on several channels.

Inbound Call Center

Outbound Call Center

Chat & email support

Dispatch support

Call quality control

24/7 technical support services

Our contact center solutions provide round-the-clock technical support to your customers. Our agents are trained to offer impeccable technical assistance for a process to achieve financial, operational, and financial efficiency. We assure you that your customers will receive unmatched technical support at the best speed.
Technical Support Services

Inbound/outbound services

We have a team of highly skilled call center agents who are experts at handling inbound customer services, sales support calls as well as outbound sales, market research, and survey calls. Leveraging our expertise, we offer unparalleled support to handle a full-fledged customer lifecycle right from acquisition to service.
Our outbound services are focused on first-rate interactions, high-quality engagement, and exceptional service.

Streamlining communications with multichannel support

We offer customized email support services for various domains such as customer care, technical support, non-technical support, etc. 

Our dedicated experts build your brand loyalty by providing an exceptional experience to your customers.

Our dedicated experts build your brand loyalty by providing an exceptional experience to your customers.

Our chat support services are a vital part of our non-voice service offerings that are known to have a high success rate. 

We deliver amazing customer experiences

We strive to revamp the level of customer expectations with our exemplary solutions. We have picked up the most professional contact center agents and trained them to ensure maximum perks for our clients.
  • Scalable solutions

  • Unmatch flexibility

  • Advanced tech

  • Dedicated agents

  • Impeccable language skills

  • 24*7 availability

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Minimize inefficiency. Increase profits. Reduce your overheads


Businesses need to be customer-focused in order to succeed in today’s marketplace. We treat your customers as our own customers, thus providing them high-level services.


We assist businesses to amp up their brand reputation with our world-class contact center solutions. Our trained agents are committed to elevating customer satisfaction.

Cost-effective solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions aligned with your business needs and objectives. Our solutions can help you boost sales while reducing costs.

24*7 availability

We help you enhance your business reputation by being available for every customer at any point in time.