Managing clients websites can be sometimes exhausting and at the same time exciting. Logging in to websites separately and maintaining it at the same can be overwhelming but guess what? Some single platform as been created to ease the exhausting part through minimum time can be optimized using this time can be optimized using this single platform

There are lots of factor to consider while choosing a platform


A platform that supports powerful design features:

  • Depending on the type of service you want, affordability should also be considered; some charge a flat fee, which makes you benefit from economies of scale as your customer base expands. Others are cheaper, but as they say, you get what you paid for
  • The platform needs to be securely assured this makes breaches to be avoided, when a hacker gets access to this platform all your customers websites are leaked. so make sure the platform you going for is secured.


List Of Great Platforms Used To Managing Multiple Client Sites


1. Duda:

It is a very popular web development and a good management platform. It has been used to create almost 13 million websites. It is a very efficient platform for managing website across various industries


  • One of great benefits is being able to easily design new sites with a drag and drop interface, able to edit website from a tablet also.
  • Affordable web design is available on this platform
  • Lots of creative templates and different fonts and icon are also available on this websites.
  • A central dashboard is available to manage all of your websites
  • No limitation to the number of websites on a single platform


  • Domain connects easily
  • Tweaking of Meta descriptions and other vital elements on their SEO management tools
  • Automatic mailing o traffic and engagement statics
  • Editing of site code and style sheets can be done manually

Its efficiency has been appreciated by lots of industries. The ability to make design makes it a great platform


2. Go Daddy Pro:

It is known for registering domain and hosting of web services. It is free services that can be used for the management of clients’ websites


Creation of “Restore point”: when you want to return to your formal version of a site


  • Word press cloning and backups is automated
  • A single dashboard can manage DNS, set up email, and configure hosting
  • Update core, plug-in and themes all over your word press sites with just one click
  • Ability to log in for access to your clients products
  • Great security and uptime monitoring on all your websites.

This keeps any issues from falling between the cracks when managing sites for clients.

3. Wix:

It is also a free website that allows you to connect to your client website and tweak them e platform does support multiple websites within one account. agencies seeking to maximize efficiency especially when  launching client websites under custom domain names, you’ll need to purchase a Premium plan for each one.



  • Building a site from the scratch or use over 500 existing templates
  • Creation of more custom designs by advanced user
  • You can use WIX a Artificial Design Intelligence to automatically build a website


Make sure you get a platform that makes quick design changes and able to log into your clients sites from a single interface


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