Why need ​ Email Marketing?​

In today’s digital age, email is one of the best ways to promote your brand. A personalized email ensures a quick connection between you and your audience. Being one of the most significant marketing tools, email has the power to create an impactful impression on your customers.  It allows you to make people aware of your product and services, advertising new promotions and boosting up your website traffic.

With easy to use features, email marketing helps in building strong relationships with your customers and expanding your reach. Email marketing leads you to build your brand, drive more sales and earn higher returns. With email marketing you can target customers in any region, thereby widening your reach. Unparalleled deliverability and approachable automation which empowers your platform, is what email marketing assures.

Features of our email marketing services​

  • Customized packages: Based on the number of subscribers and the frequency of your emails, we offer customized packages to our customers.
  • High volume sending: Blacklisting, domain reputation may hinder the deliverability process. With our expertise, we send a high volume of emails to subscribers on a timely basis.
  • Innovative and attractive designs: Our designers are experts at crafting endearing designs to make you stand out from the rest. From custom email footers to branded templates, our designers have hands on all the latest practices.
  • Content creation: We create unique subject lines and body content for your email which has the potential to grab the attention of audience.
  • Effective tracking: We not only design, dynamic and interactive emails but also keep a track of all the responses to get an idea about the success of the email marketing campaign.
  • Spam-free emails: Our emails are practical, well thought and spam-free

What we ​ offer?

With the sole purpose of growing your brand and business, we design our email marketing tools. We offer a comprehensive suite of email marketing services to cater to your specific requirements. Our email marketing team crafts perfect email marketing campaigns to promote your business. Our job includes content creation, personalizing campaign packages that fit into your business needs and goals and helping you in re- engaging subscribers and retaining consumers. With our seamless services, we turn leads into customers and drive sales to your business.

  • Promotional emails: With our innovative and unique ideas, we craft promotional emails to create a buzz about your products and services and promoting your brand to new customers, thereby ensuring high open and conversion rates.
  • Bulk emails: We send bulk, spam-free emails to promote your products and services that are surely going to bring customers at your doorstep.
  • Automated Emails: To boost up the chances of recurrent purchases, we preset the details of your email campaign to enable automatic sending of emails to subscribers.

Pros of Email Marketing​

  • Email boost up conversions: Integrating email marketing into your marketing strategy impacts your business opportunities and conversions. Your potential customers are likely to become you’re paying customers through email marketing.
  • Market with a personal touch: Unlike the other marketing tools, email marketing enables differentiation of customers and ensures communication based on their interests, behavior, and, location.
  • Increases your value: Crafting a message that fits the needs of your audience will have more people talking about you, which will help you to earn a higher return.
  • Increase website traffic: Email marketing campaigns helps in bringing more people to your website, thereby growing your website traffic.

Customers Reviews​

I have very thankful for great work you have done. I am completely satisfied. We’ve experienced an increase in a search engine traffic in the last six months.
Davinder Dhawan
Owner Nextgen Solutions
Great work, by these guys. Highly recommended as they provide great advice along with a great service level.
My Job Advisors
Whizamet team has helped to turn our SEO around . We are seeing positive results. Very pleased with the work and expertise they have provided us.
Mike Sendler

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