Why your business needs ORM?

It’s not wrong to say that reputation is everything for a business. Having a good reputation shows how good your products and services are. In today’s competitive market, customers prefer the products of brands that are reputed ones. Online reviews influence the buying decisions of the customers. A little dislike or a negative review can have a long lasting impact on your business reputation and can adversely affect your business productivity. If your reputation is negative online, customers will never turn to you to buy your products or services. This makes it crucial for businesses to do away with negative reviews to ensure that their future sales are not affected.

Online reputation management is a strategy to manage your online reviews and to increase your brand awareness. ORM services enhance your brand recognition and create an impactful reputation for your brand online. Online reputation management helps your business in preventing negative online feedback on your product and services, which if not managed can lead to an adverse effect on your brand and business. ORM helps in giving your customers a good perception of your products by pushing down the negative mentions about you in the search results and shifting the negative conversations to positive ones.

How we manage your​ reputation?

At whizamet, your business product and services are being maintained. To have a thriving business, it is necessary to maintain the reputation of your business, and we are best at the service we offer. With us, negative reviews on your products become a thing of the past.  Our expert team uses reverse search engine optimization to suppress the negative information about you or your business. Our professionals provide you a high quality internet reputation services which will help your business to gain a better reputation.

  • Comprehensive audit: Our team conducts a comprehensive ORM audit to access your current online reputation and to find out the areas where your digital assets are lacking. ORM audit provides a snapshot as to how a search engine is ranking content of your name.
  • Strategy development & Implementation: We develop a proactive ORM strategy to elevate the reputation of your brand and to help mitigate the negative search results.

Our Services

  • Monitoring and measuring your online reputation
  • Building positive comments about you.
  • Help you in recovering your credibility and increasing your online status.
  • Prevent or remove negative comments and bad ratings made on your service or products
  • Fixing Google, yahoo, bing search engine results.
  • Establishing your brand on top platforms.
  • We help in handling your reputation whether large or small.

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Benefits of ORM​

ORM is just not about combatting the negative information about you but it’s a lot more than that. Brands with a good online reputation are likely to attract more customers. The positive sides of having a good reputation are:

Great First Impression

A well-managed online reputation ensures that you have a great first impression on your prospects. It helps businesses to make a positive impression on their prospects.

Higher Trust & Credibility

A business having a good online reputation is more trustable because people tend to follow the reviews of other customers.

Customer Engagement

ORM lets the customers know how much you appreciate and value them. It also shows the customers that you work for their satisfaction.

Less Risk

Online reviews influence the decisions of the customers. People follow the reviews and comments of customers before making any decision. A brand with a good online reputation and reviews will attract better talent and customers.