Why PPC?

The digital world of today is all about increasing your web conversion and growing your business. For that, you need to ensure that your ad is reaching your target audience. An ineffective PPC management is a sheer waste of the company’s resources and potential. You need to know what is happening with your PPC campaigns to get more conversions. PPC is a strategy that can land you the right traffic and more conversions. It has the potential to deliver a deluge of new leads and ensure a consistent web presence. A right PPC campaign can be a secret to business success. It’s a proven digital marketing strategy where you just pay for the clicks. PPC makes your brand more recognizable, helps your business to generate new leads and increases your returns.

Our Approach

The success of your PPC campaign to the maximum is our goal. Prioritizing your bottom line, we strive to increase your traffic website conversions, revenue without spending a lot of time and effort. Our optimization techniques are created of some selections of advertisement for the lowest per click at your disposal. At whizamet, we integrate the right keywords, ad messaging to create a compelling and consistent message. We indulge in competitor analysis, keyword research, management, budget analysis, target regions, and interests and campaign assessment to run campaigns. Our focus is on analyzing every aspect of your campaign to produce killer results and grow your business. Our approach to running and managing your PPC campaign includes:

1. Research

  • Auditing of PPC
  • Research keywords
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Target research location

2.Creating campaign

  • Target research location
  • Goals and account setup are defined
  • Bid setup and decision on budget
  • Landing pages

3. Review current strategy by

  • Revising Ad copy
  • Revising Ad copy
  • Optimizing landing page
  • Checking clicks and bounce rate

4. Analyzing and giving reports

  • Monthly performance
  • Quarterly review on campaign reviews achieved results and adjustment.

Our Services

Our expert marketing team craft PPC, display and remarketing campaigns to grow businesses. We specialize in running PPC campaigns.   Our professionals develop and execute out of the box strategies to set your PPC campaign right. With the right budget and strategy, our PPC services lets you jump on the top on various platforms.   Our wide gamut of services in the field of PPC includes:

What makes our PPC services different?​

Our PPC management services deliver quick and cost effective results, thereby taking your business to the next level. With our services, you are surely going to get:

Increased Leads and Revenue

Our PPC team engages in continuous refinements of your campaigns, which boosts up the conversions.

Better Sales Lead

Through continuous improvements in keywords, ad messaging, landing pages design and content, we strive to find better sales leads for your business.

Specific Targeting

We use the right combination of tactics to help you meet your target audience.

Ensures Brand Awareness

PPC is the right technique that increases the visibility of your brand and increases your brand credibility.

Competitive Advantage

Our PPC services increase customer attribution thereby pulling in the quality traffic and helping you to compete with larger businesses.

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