Career Scope in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the fastest-growing sector in the field of marketing today. With everything going digital, there is a huge career scope in social media marketing. It’s one of the best and easiest way to develop a relationship with the customers. With the help of SMM, businesses can make their message delivered to their customers quickly.

 Companies are looking for social media marketers who can make their products and services reach their customers through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

Brands are looking out for skilled talents who have proven experience in crafting creative, attractive and endearing social media posts to help them connect with their target audience. Social media marketing is one of the most sought after fields in terms of career.

Learn the latest social media tools and tactics

Best Social Media ​ Marketing Training

Our training program will help you learn the best practices in social media marketing. Our social media trainers will provide you the knowledge of all the latest social media marketing tools and tactics which will enable you to boost up your career. Through our training program you’ll learn to:
• Attract the audience through social media platforms
• Promote the brand
• Set up targeted advertising campaigns on social channels
• Instagram marketing
• Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest marketing strategies
• Create content, layout and video ads
• Create, design and monetize videos on social platforms
• Optimize and grow the business through the LinkedIn profile
• Use web 2.0 blogs for further expansion of business
• Become a social media marketing expert

Course ​ ​ Module


Why Instagram and How to Get Started!

Watch me LAUNCH a New Instagram Account - 2017
ASSIGNMENT - Follow Top Influencers!
Optimize your Instagram Bio & Profile Image
ASSIGNMENT - Instagram Setup Help!
TOP 10 Things to Post on Instagram and When to Post!
Instagram Captions & Hash tags 101
Reposting Instagram Content
Instagram Stories
How to Increase your Instagram Followers & Exposure
Top 5 Ways to Convert Instagram Followers to Sales & Leads
Instagram Algorithm
Sponsored Posts - Pay & Get Paid for Instagram Posts
Instagram Ads
Shopping on Instagram
Instagram Ads via Facebook (REFERENCE ONLY, OUTDATED 2018)
Instagram Analytics
Instagram Analytics - PAID SOFTWARE
My Secret Tool for Growing an Instagram Following
TAKE ACTION with Instagram!


Facebook Profile VS Facebook Page
How to Create and Optimize a Facebook Page
Top 5 SEO Tips for your Facebook Page
How to Change your Facebook Page Category
Keywords 101
How to Use Keywords in your Facebook Page Description
What Makes your Facebook Page Awesome?
Marketing 101
How to Create a Paid Facebook Ad
Step 1 of Facebook Ads - CAMPAIGN
Step 2 of Facebook Ads - AD SET
Step 3 of Facebook Ads - AD
4 Elements of the Perfect Facebook Ad
Install the Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixels - What do you want to track?
Facebook Audiences + Targeting
Continue Learning Facebook Paid Advertising


The Twitter Basics & Optimizing your Twitter
What to Tweet & How to Interact on Twitter
Twitter Hash tags & Trends
How to Grow your Twitter Following!
Setting up a Twitter Ads Account & Types of Twitter Ads
Twitter Audience Manager & How to Install Universal Tag
Twitter Ad Campaigns Original View for GREATER Targeting
Twitter Conversion Tracking & Remarketing
Twitter Ads - Tweet Engagements
Twitter Ads - Clicks & Conversions
Twitter Ads - App Installs & App Engagement
Twitter Ads - Followers
Twitter Reporting & Analytics
Pinned Tweet Hack and the Best Twitter Tools


Pinterest 101
Buyable Pins and Rich Pins
Setting up a Pinterest Business Account & Types of Pinterest Ads
Create a Pinterest Business Account - PART 1
Create a Pinterest Business Account - PART 2 + Pinterest Video Campaigns
Pinterest Conversion Tracking - Updated 2017
Pinterest Tags & Events - Updated 2018
Pinterest Ads - Create Amazing Pins for Promoted Pins
Pinterest Ads - How to Create Promoted Pins (2017)
Pinterest Audiences
Pinterest Analytics


Build and Optimize your YouTube Account
End Screens on YouTube Videos
How to RANK Any VIDEO #1 on YouTube
Customize your YouTube URL
Optimize your YouTube Videos
9 Steps for YouTube SEO & YouTube Channel Mastery
Paid YouTube Video Ads via Google Ad words
SEO & YouTube - Repurposing Content
YouTube Reports & Analytics

Google Ad words and Google My Business

Build and Optimize your Google Business Account
Google Ad words
How to Get Google Business Reviews


Create and Optimize your Personal LinkedIn Profile
Create a LinkedIn Company Page
Create a LinkedIn Company/Business Page
LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Message Marketing - Leonard Software Tutorial

Landing Pages, Web 2.0 and Blogging

Landing Pages 101 + Growing Your Email List
Web 2.0 Blogs & Backlinks
Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals for Blogging
Posts and Web 2.0 Domain Name Ideas - Long Tail Keywords!

Snap Chating

Snapchat Marketing

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  • Our training is based on the latest techniques.
  • We provide certified social media marketing training
  • Our training will help you learn how to use social media for business reach
  • Our SMM training will teach you how to develop a post, write content, and manage your profile
  • We provide you a cooperative and healthy environment for training
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