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Twitter is one of the most valuable social media platforms that boasts of having around 140 million monetizable daily users across the globe. The platform is effective at helping you reach your target audience, increasing your brand awareness, and generating qualified leads.

While most businesses turn to Twitter to fuel their sales pipeline with qualified leads or to increase awareness of their product offerings, there is a lot more to Twitter other than the corporate persona. This social media platform allows you to create relatable content, establishing a genuine connection by making your responses more timely. A successful Twitter campaign will increase your website traffic and build your brand awareness by keeping your business visible online.


Enjoy a 90% higher conversion rate with Twitter

The most significant advantage of advertising on Twitter is engagement. Our social media team knows how to make the best use of the platform’s hyper-detailed targeting features. The experience of our social media specialists allows us to create effective Twitter ad campaigns that hit the audience in the right way- whether it’s engaging a new audience, reaching the existing customers, or simply maximizing revenue. 

By trusting Whizamet with your Twitter social strategy, we can leverage the marketing tool to augment your existing campaigns and increase your ROI. 

Our Twitter advertising process

We offer full-fledged Twitter advertising services, right from setting up your profile to preparing content strategy and much more. 

Twitter Advertising

Your Twitter profile is the place to let your audience know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. We start by creating an optimized profile that will boost the visibility of your account and entice new followers. And, since Google shows Twitter profiles in its search results, we’ll optimize your profile for SEO by adding targeted keywords.

Advantages of Twitter advertising

Twitter has an enormous number of active users. So, if you’re looking to connect, engage and nurture leads, it is the right platform for you. 

  • Market research: People share their opinions, news, and memes on Twitter. Hence, if you’re using Twitter, you can know the opinions of your customers that can help you create relevant and engaging content to attract current and potential customers.
  • Website traffic: Twitter is the best place to promote blog posts. Also, it’s the best platform to post public press reviews, product updates, and other engaging content. You can place your website or landing pages links in your tweets to redirect users. By doing this, you can increase your website traffic and provide relevant information to users.
  • Social listening: Twitter allows social listening through its polling feature. This feature facilitates discussions with audiences by asking them questions with few choices. Through these interactions, you can connect with users in a better way, get more views, and foster website visits.
  • Cost-effective:  Twitter could turn out to be the best choice for start-ups or cash-deprived businesses. Being a free platform, Twitter allows you to reach the right prospects and customers in a cost-effective way. You can create your account for free besides receiving and sending tweets without any additional charges.
  • Instant reach: Twitter enables you to post a tweet any time, whether it’s day or night. You can immediately post a quick tweet as soon as you come across some significant piece of information. You can easily manage these things if you have the assistance of the right digital marketing agency.

We’re are a twitter marketing agency delivering proven results

  • Customized strategy
    It’s impossible to get results without a strategy. We understand our clients’ requirements and accordingly design a customized Twitter strategy that will help you fulfill your goals.
  • Engaging twitter content:  Our clients love to work with us because we create unique content. Our Twitter specialists craft relevant and engaging tweets that match the interest of your followers.
  • Higher growth: We align our strategies according to your goals. The twitter strategies we implement are proven to boost your engagement and increase your followers.
  • 360-degree services: We are not just limited to Twitter marketing services. Our intent is to provide full-fledged services by managing your Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and other social media platforms.

Leverage the power of Twitter with the team of Twitter marketing specialists

Whether it’s increasing your followers, enhancing your brand awareness, or generating more qualified leads, our Twitter marketing services will deliver the best results. Our services are designed to escalate your brand awareness. 

We accomplish this in a few ways:

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    Increasing followers

    We employ proven tactics to boost your Twitter following. We develop an engaged follower base for our clients by optimizing their Twitter profiles, engaging with other people’s mentions and tweets, tweeting appealing & relevant content, and participating in Twitter chats. 

    Increasing reach & impressions

    Tweet impressions help to analyze the effectiveness of digital marketing strategy. Further, increasing the reach and impressions can boost your brand awareness as more and more people notice your tweet. 

    Increasing retweets

    Want to get more people retweeting your posts? We can help. Our Twitter marketing specialists work to increase your retweets by scheduling your tweets at the optimal time, embedding links in your posts, asking for retweets, and using intriguing images to get retweets. 

    Increasing website organic traffic

    Effective Twitter marketing can drive organic traffic to your website. Our digital marketing experts can increase your website traffic, helping you rank higher.