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It is an emerging field in the I.T Industry in today’s market.Web designing explores your inner creativity as it is very much related to producing designs. A web designer is being provided with handsome salary packages throughout the IT sector. Whizamet  provides the most talented faculty to the students with quite great experienced ones for making them master’s in their trait. With our Web Designing Course you will be able to find your inner capabilities and show your hand at designing with proper assistance by the faculty.

Career scope Web Designing Training


Career Scope

With the booming IT industry across the world, the internet has become one of the most important means of communication today and web sites are the lifelines of the internet. So career scope in web designing is tremendous and the various career opportunities are good. With the inevitable need of websites for any institute or company, the hunt for efficient web designers, who can create professional websites, is ever compelling. These professionals are required in every field of industry from large firms to educational institutes, to small business to personal uses.

Course Module

Unit # 1 Designing and Planning Web Pages


Unit Essential Questions
● What are the design principles used when creating web pages?
● What is HTML and CSS and how are they different from each other?
● What are the criteria for evaluating the quality of websites?
Sequence of focus lessons
● Basic Site Evaluation ● Color Theory ● Web Standards ● Planning a Website

Unit # 2 Creating Pages with HTML


Time: Approximately 5-8 hours
Unit Essential Questions
● What are the basics of HTML coding? Sequence of focus lessons
● Pre-Coding
● Basic HTML Markup
● HTML Lists ● Creating Links
● Creating a Data Table
● HTML Video

Unit # 3 Formatting Web Pages with Style Sheets


Time: Approximately 16-20 hours
Unit Essential Questions
● How is the visual look of web pages controlled by using Cascading Style Sheets? Sequence of focus lessons
● Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
● Color in CSS ● Typography in CSS
● The Box Model in CSS
● The Role of ID and CLass in CSS
● Page Layout Techniques

Unit # 4 Graphics


Time: Approximately 11-17 hours
Unit Essential Questions
● What are effective uses of graphics on web pages?
- How can you get digital images and reformat them?
● How can you create basic graphics for use on a web page?
Sequence of focus lessons
● Introduction to Web Graphics
● Creating a Web Photo Album
● creating a Button
● Creating a Web Page Banner

Unit #5 Scripting


Time: Approximately 8-10 hours
Unit Essential Questions
● How is website content organized?
● How is the navigation structure designed to be consistent across all of the pages in the website? Sequence of focus lessons
● Overview of Scripting on the Web
● JavaScript

Unit #6 Quality Control


Time: Approximately 3-6 hours
Unit Essential Questions
● How can websites be tested for quality? Sequence of focus lessons
● Validating Websites
● Testing Usability

Unit #7 Website Management and Authoring Tools


Time: Approximately 3-6 hours
Unit Essential Questions
● What are some website management and authoring tools? Sequence of focus lessons
● Basic Features of Web Authoring Software
● Publishing on the Web

Unit #8 Client Website


Time: Approximately 6-20+ hours
Varies depending on complexity and student
How do you plan, design, develop and test a website using the skills learned in the course? Sequence of focus lessons
● Client Website-Planning, Constructing, and Quality Control

Unit #9 Career Development/21st Century Skills (Ongoing)


● How do the skills and knowledge I am learning in this class get applied within a job setting?
● How can I work with a team to develop an answer to a question or solution to problem?
● How I apply the skills that my future employers will value?

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