Who We Are
WhizAmet is designed for IT, digital marketing and contact center solution. We look at our business, audience, market and strategy holistically, thereby leading them to elevate their business growth.
  • We devise the right strategy for transformational growth.
  • We focus on turning your ideas into actual businesses.
  • We execute the right solutions that deliver organic results.

Our Services

We have a plethora of IT and digital marketing services that cater to all business needs. Our experts are dedicated to delivering custom solutions that bring impactful results.

Website Design & Development

Our custom web solutions deliver a well-equipped website with superb functionality, compatibility, custom themes & latest UI/UX trends to captivate maximum users.

Digital Marketing

Our specialism covers every facet of digital marketing. We provide integrated digital marketing solutions to help our clients respond to the voguish requirements of the digital economy.

Mobile App Development

We offer a wide range of mobile app solutions for all major platforms such as ios, android, and windows. Our experienced developers develop innovative cross-platform applications.

Zoho Solutions

Our Zoho solutions empowers users to give a complete visibility into their software processes for integrating engineering activities, streamlining operations, improving efficiencies and managing complexities.

Artificial Intelligence

We provide powerful and automatic solutions infused with latest AI related technology giving you an integrated automation tool set to help you manage your business in a smarter way.

Contact Center Solution

Our contact center solutions ensure a seamless flow of conversations across channels by providing your business greater flexibility that can help you reach great outcomes, faster.

We create focused, niche and Unique brands

A brand is a visual embodiment that reflects your company’s personality. Our branding services enable businesses to develop a precise brand strategy focusing on who they are, what they do and what they aspire to be. We create a unique brand identity that clearly defines your business, your company’s reputation, ambitions, and values.

Logo Design
Our design experts assimilate your business, target customers and your vision, thus translating them into a visual expression of your brand.
Business Cards
We create stunning, high quality, informative business cards that reflect your company’s profile.
Brochure Design
Our designer’s craft sleek and informative brochures that give your customer’s a glimpse of your whole brand.
Social Media Banners
We design customized social media banners with a consistent look that drives engagement and increased conversion.

Our Technologies

We build modern applications using a myriad of cutting edge technologies that speed up, streamline and simplify our development process.

A Customer Relationship Management Software Solution Designed To Enhance Your Business Processes By Providing Customized Solutions. So Just Get Started With Zoho And Enjoy Our Professional Services.
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Zoho quickbooks , Zoho implementation , Zoho training

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Our Approach
Our specialized solutions are designed to propel your business to new heights.


It’s essential to understand the needs and requirements of the client to come up with a productive strategy.


We compose an effective strategy tailored to your specific needs and revenue goals.
  • Strategize
  • Create
  • Deliver
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