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Facebook marketing gives businesses the ability to improve visibility, grow their audience, and increase revenue. It’s your number one tool for sales, acquisition, and lead nurturing. However, getting the most benefits from Facebook ad spending requires the knowledge and expertise of this powerful ad platform. It’s not a set it and forget type advertising. A successful Facebook advertising campaign requires a power-packed strategy to engage your ideal audience. 

That’s why you must partner with the best Facebook advertising company that is familiar with the ins & outs of the social media platform. As a top-notch Facebook advertising company, Whizamet has a talented team of digital marketing experts and skilled designers who know the tactics to implement effective Facebook advertising campaigns. Based on your business objectives, we’ll craft a compelling ad copy that appeals to your potential buyers.

Setting the goals of your Facebook ad campaign is a crucial step for enhanced efficiency. This can include:

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Building a strong brand presence
  • Generating qualified leads
  • Boosting sales
  • Increasing customer loyalty

1.7 billion

1.7 billion users visit Facebook on a daily basis.


94% of the Facebook ad revenue is generated from mobile users.

2.8 billion

Around 2.8 billion people can be reached via Facebook advertising.


74% of high-income earners use Facebook advertising

Revenue boosting Facebook ad management services

With nearly 2.7 billion users, the Facebook ad platform has been the top priority of small as well as established brands who are looking to increase their online sales. Whether it’s finding new targets or understanding the existing audiences, Facebook has earned its reputation as a highly trackable platform. But, with the Facebook platform becoming more complex and competitive, running ads is no longer a straightforward process. That’s why we are here to help you. 

With our CPA-focused approach, we ensure that our campaign-focused activities generate the highest returns on your ad spend. Whether you’re looking to find new prospects, grow your audience, increase your sales, or want to generate leads, our experts will create and run campaigns that are focused on delivering your sales targets in the most effective way. 

Powerful targeted campaigns that influence leads.

We leave no stone unturned to reach out to your target audience. Our Facebook ads management team conducts thorough research of unlimited audiences related to your buyer’s digital persona. We create hyper-targeted campaigns that are focused on reaching out to your target audience every day at a low cost. 

Further, we’ll help you convert those lost leads that you know are interested in your products or services. We can set up robust retargeted campaigns to convert the users who visited your website but did not convert. 


Performance-driven ads that scale your business.

We are a performance-based agency that does a lot more than just branding. We craft images that stop the scrolling, words that engage the audience, and marketing strategies that ensure our other specialties don’t get lost in the digital gorge.

In fact, we have helped both small as well as big brands increase their sales figures. So, when it comes to performance-based ads, we can take your business forward. 

We create innovative, intelligent & robust campaigns that resonate with your audience to gain short-term and long-term benefits for your business. Our team has a proven track record of building ad campaigns that make a long-lasting impression.

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    How we do Facebook advertising

    Our approach to Facebook advertising begins with the belief that every business is different. Therefore, we adopt a unique methodology by understanding your goals, key messages, and particular audiences to turn clicks into conversions. Our process for Facebook advertising is centered around effectiveness.

    Setting goals

    Our experts collaborate with you to discuss the objectives of your ad campaign. There are different types of goals like increasing sales, generating leads, and growing the audience.

    Creating ads

    Facebook provides several options to tell your brand story via different formats. Our team crafts professional ad campaigns that grab the attention of the target audience.

    Determining demographics

    After analyzing your business niche, our professionals decide the demographics that are ideal for your business needs. We collect all the relevant information to increase your sales on Facebook.

    Measuring & tracking

    We constantly monitor and track your ad campaign performance to make your ads campaigns profitable. We tweak the campaigns to ensure that the audience does not lose interest in them.

    Integrated strategy

    We’ll decide the best type of LinkedIn ad that will increase your conversions. Further, we will help you find the best ways to integrate your Facebook strategy with other strategies to get maximized ROI.


    We handle the scaling of your campaign & strive to make it more effective to get the best outcomes. Our goal is to maximize your ROI on ad spend with top-notch standards of ethics as well as transparency.

    We help businesses grow with result-driven paid campaigns!

    At Whizamet, we do consistent, result-driven work on Facebook ads. We don’t stop exploring the possibilities unless your business starts getting profitable outcomes. We look beyond the sales and branding funnel to figure out what’s next. When it comes to the big picture, we’re like a machine of bright ideas, always there to brighten up your way with our full-fledged services. 

    What makes Whizamet the best choice for Facebook Advertising

    Our paid social media experts are committed to delivering the best outcomes when it comes to advertising on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

    We are focused on delivering the best return on your ad spend. We ensure a positive outcome along with exceptional social reach. 

    We keep our clients informed about the performance of the ad campaign. Besides, we deliver our projects on deadlines as we value the precious time of our clients.

    We leverage proven methodologies to ensure the success of your project. With a perfect blend of proven methods & innovative ideas, we bring you the best results. 

    We offer a pinnacle of solutions for all your requirements. We create constructive solutions from scratch and make sure that it reaches your target audience in the most effective way. 


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