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Instagram influencer marketing

Amplify your brand with Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing exposes your brand to a captive audience, allowing you to gain the trust of new audiences, boost customer loyalty, and take your brand awareness to the next level. It’s marketing with a human touch. When people see promotional content from authentic influencers, they are more likely to engage. Partnering with genuine influencers allows you to gain the trust and loyalty of your followers. It’s a perfect tool to grow the army of brand advocates. On top of all that, when you collaborate with the best influencer marketing agency, the results are remarkable. 

Transparent, Innovative, and purpose-driven influencer marketing services

Powerful marketing campaigns are an integration of robust strategy as well as exceptional delivery. We collaborate with our clients to deliver fully-managed, personalized, and out-of-the-box influencer marketing campaigns that exceed industry standards. 

Instagram influencer marketing

End-to-End campaigns. Guaranteed results

We are a result-oriented influencer marketing agency, helping brands drive measurable ROI besides growing their audience. We’ll be your end-to-end strategic partner throughout the entire process. Right from strategy to campaign execution and reporting, we handle everything. Our campaigns are designed around the business goals along with key performance indicators. Furthermore, with our result-driven campaigns, you’re going to achieve the highest returns on your investment. 

Data powered strategies

When it comes to strategy and creativity, the best people outperform algorithms every time. We design trend-worthy strategies that capture the attention of your target audience while building emotional connections. With years of experience, our team specializes in crafting bespoke strategies with high profitability. Whizamet’s influencer marketing strategies are designed after analyzing your audience insights and understanding your target audience. We leverage data along with our own expertise to come up with innovative content.
Instagram influencer marketing

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Flawless Execution. Increased ROI

We do it in the best way. We very well know how to meet your business goals and make sure that vetted content goes live at the appropriate time. Our digital marketing specialists manage creative campaigns right from ideation to final execution and reporting. We contact the influencers on the top of your list, negotiate the terms of the contract, and sign them to open the gates of your funnel to the new audience.


We are a result-driven influencer marketing agency. We provide our clients with customized analytics besides measurements for all the crucial KPIs including reach, impressions, engagement rate, traffic, EMV, etc. Our digital marketing experts also provide insights to boost your ROI along the way.
Our job does not end here. We take in your feedback and start planning for your next campaign for exceptional results.

Instagram influencer marketing
Instagram influencer marketing

Influencer engagement-
Our philosophy

With so many influencers out there, it’s critical to get the right influencer fit for your brand. Only then you can gain the best results from your influencer marketing strategy. We strive to create influencer content that grabs attention and results in metrics that scale business growth. We focus on: