Email Marketing
Why Need Email Marketing?
In today’s digital age, email is one of the best ways to promote your brand. A personalized email ensures a quick connection between you and your audience. Being one of the most significant marketing tools, email has the power to create an impactful impression on your customers.  It allows you to make people aware of your product and services, advertising new promotions and boosting up your website traffic.
Why Should You Invest In Best Email Marketing Agency?

There’s a lot that goes into email marketing right from automation to personalization. To get the best results, it’s essential to have an expert working on your campaign. Just putting anyone on the job won’t get you the deserving results that you would get if you hire an agency.

They offer different kinds of campaigns

Email marketing agencies offer numerous options, targeting different audiences. For example, based on the previous shopping experiences, emails may be sent to subscribers who might have shopped with you earlier and a separate batch for the subscribers who haven’t shopped with you.

They’ll manage everything for you

Email marketing agencies offer everything in their pocket to create a perfect email campaign. This typically includes the content, design, delivery and a lot more.

They’ll keep you updated about the progress of the campaign

Email marketing agencies also provide analytics of emails. Analytics facilitates the up-gradation of the email content, design and approach. It also provides valuable information that can be used to adjust the strategy if it’s not performing to the best of its ability.

Features of Email Marketing

Customized Packages

Based on the number of subscribers and the frequency of your emails, we offer customized packages to our customers.

High Volume Sending

Blacklisting, domain reputation may hinder the deliver-ability process. With our expertise, we send a high volume of emails to subscribers on a timely basis.

Innovative and Attractive Designs

Our designers are experts at crafting endearing designs to make you stand out from the rest.

Content Creation

We create unique subject lines and body content for your email which has the potential to grab the attention of audience.

Effective Tracking

We not only design, dynamic and interactive emails but also keep a track of all the responses to get an idea about the success of campaign.

Spam-free Emails

Our emails are practical, well thought and spam-free.

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Top Most Email Marketing Agency
Let’s discuss the few things that make whizamet stand out among other agencies :

Transparent pricing

We offer upfront pricing that fits your budget range. We keep our clients informed about what they are getting for the price they’re paying.

Email testing

We test your email before circulating them to your subscriber list. This is done to make sure that we have built your email in the right way that can be understood by your subscribers.


You don’t have to worry about providing us the content of the emails. We’ll write up all the copywriting of the emails to make conversions roll for you.

Manage your campaign

With whizamet, you don’t have to take unwanted tension in managing your campaign. We provide campaign project management so that you can focus on running your business.