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High-click-through rates and increased conversions are what businesses dream all about. With google ads,  driving online sales does not have to be a fantasy anymore. Google ads are big sources to boost sales for your business. They allow businesses to maximize their brands’ visibility and drive traffic to their website. Google shopping ads are known to drive more than 60% of the paid clicks for retailers. 

With Google Ads, you can get your brand relevant views and click-throughs while opening unlimited opportunities to attract leads. Unlike Google search ads, Google shopping ads allow you to reach a massive audience and increase your brands’ visibility online. At Whizamet, we are well familiar with the fact that our clients want to get the most out of their shopping ads. That’s why with our google ads services, you can advertise to a wider audience. We emphasize driving results that are of utmost importance to our clients. 

We’re Here To Maximize Your Google Shopping Success

We’re here to maximize your google shopping success

One of the most crucial parts of a pay-per-click campaign is leveraging Google Shopping to promote relevant products to increase conversion. Initially known as “Product Listing Ads”, Google ads provide the right platform to enhance visibility, outperform competitors, and generate sales opportunities. 

Whether you’re a growing business or an established brand, we can revamp your business by setting Google Shopping Ads. We are fully aware of the factors that drive performance. With our proven strategies and collaborative approach, we make sure that you get the best results from your Google Shopping Campaigns. We work closely with you to set up a perfect campaign that increases the relevance of your ads and grows your sales. 

Our Google Shopping Approach

We’re not here to cover the basics of your feed. We offer you proven optimization approaches to design your customized strategy. 

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Management

We are not the ones who just set up and forget. Right from setting up your campaign to bids to monitoring, we handle everything so that you can focus on what you’re best at-taking care of your business.

Google Shopping Ads

Reporting And Insights

We constantly monitor & optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns by leveraging advanced techniques. Our every activity is backed by detailed reporting so that you have a clear view of the results achieved.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Campaign Management

We continually monitor and fine-tune your Google Shopping campaigns, applying advanced optimisation techniques to ensure higher visibility and an effective allocation of your overall budget.

Our Google Ads Process


The initial stage of our Google Ad Shopping Process comprises a discovery call between you and our marketing experts. 

This one-on-one session will be the basis for deciding roles and responsibilities. We’ll let you know the estimated time for delivering results besides making sure that we have the necessary information for commencing further work. This conversation will also be about getting familiar with your business, marketing goals, and key performance indicators. 

We Provide Real Value

Set Up

The set-up stage commences with managing your feed. In the Google Merchant Center, you’ll find a spreadsheet that outlines the products used to build shopping ads. Optimizing this feed will make sure that you’re garnering the attention of the right shoppers. 

We’ll help you in creating campaigns, setting smarter bids, and optimizing for better results. With our Google Ads Management services, you’ll be able to optimize product type, description, price, and brand. We’ll direct our efforts towards achieving your business goals. 


After your campaign is created, you can gain unlimited access to web-based reporting to know how your campaign is progressing. We’ll provide you with a detailed monthly report outlining the prior month’s results and the strategies for the next month.

Our team will analyze your goals to customize reports focusing on your key performance indicators. We will continuously review your campaign performance and modify your remarketing techniques to widen your reach.

Google Shopping Ads


Based on the information collected during the onboarding and review stages, we’ll optimize your campaign for better results. We’ll focus on the following parameters in the refining stage:


Yes, It is! But it also depends on the kind of products or services you’re offering. Generally, Google ads are a perfect platform for e-commerce sites where retailers can display their products alongside others. However, most brands also consider the fact that as compared to text ads, shopping ads have a higher conversion rate, higher CPR, and lower CPL’s. 

Google Shopping ads work by utilizing the data about product types in your product feed. Google then leverages its own keyword data to display the ads. 

Google shopping ads appear on the shopping tab on Google search, on websites of search partners, and on the google display network. 

Generally, Google Shopping Ads deliver results within 90 days. Although the effects are immediate, it takes some time to optimize and refine them to reach the highest level of performance.

Every factor has different performance indicators, and the optimization process is all about building data and focusing on your strengths. 

Get in touch with us, and you can begin your journey in creating optimized Google Shopping ads. 

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