Graphics that elevate your branding game

Whizamet’s graphic design services deliver the artwork that tells the story of your products and captures the attention of your audience.

Logo Designing

Establish a strong brand identity with our brand-defining logo designs. Our creative minds are ready to turn your dreams into reality.

Our team of graphic designers creates logo designs that express your brand’s core values and beliefs. Uniqueness is what we strive for.

We try to present you with a logo design that is distinct from the slew of other businesses in your niche. We design your logo after understanding your current market position, goals, and your competitor’s strategy. 

So, hop on the latest trends and get an elegantly designed logo that reflects your brand’s personality. 



Brighten up your digital content experience by portraying complex information with an easy-to-digest infographic.

Our professional designers combine dense information, transforming it into engaging graphical stories that will be easy to remember for your audience. 

We design professional infographic designs that you can share on other websites with SEO-friendly links to generate more website traffic and attract more visitors.

Improve your visibility with designs that uplift your branding game.

We create designs that meet your brand identity, convey your value proposition, and upraise your digital game.

Web Banners

Web banners are a great way to generate traffic and increase brand awareness. Attract new customers while maximizing your ROI with high-quality banners designed to improve your CTR. 

Our expertise in creating eye-catching designs that grab the attention of your site visitors, creating a long-lasting impression is what makes us different from others. Improve your ROI, enjoy unmatched quality outcomes with our result-oriented web banner design services. 

Web Banners

Brochure Design

Communicate with your customers through simple yet effective brochures that clearly describe your brand message.

Our stunning brochure designs allow you to communicate your messages to your target audience in a clear and effective way. 

We believe that creating brochures is a lot more than creativity and innovation. It’s about simplicity.

With a team of professional copywriters, designers, and digital marketing specialists, who know the pulse of the audience, we design effective brochures that fit your brand in the best way. 

We work with a fail-proof process to deliver you the best outcome

Research & strategy

We undertake thorough research to develop the best strategy that fits your brand. 

Product conceptualization

We design a blueprint of your product, picking up the right colors, symbols, and letterings. 


 We swing into action to create the best design for you using every tool at our disposal. 


We unveil the designs we have created to our clients to seek their approval. 


Based on the client’s feedback, we implement the changes as per their requirements. 


When both the parties have approved the designs, we publish them. 

Social Media Design

Do you know around 80% of the small businesses that use social media are not successful? The main issue is that they use the wrong graphics.

No matter how effective your social media strategies are, without good graphics you cannot achieve your business goals.

 At Whizamet, we create marketing materials that help you grow your business. We utilize the latest trends to design something that brings opportunities for your business. Stand out from the myriad of competitors and get eye-catching designs that touch the emotions of your audience.  

Social Media Design
Flyer Design

Flyer Design

Marketing is all about spreading the word about your business.

People won’t engage with you until they don’t know about you. Whizamet is well versed in designing flyers for every occasion.

We will serve you with visually appealing designs that relate to your audience.

Our custom flyer designs will communicate your message via an easy-to-understand design flow that provide every detail to your audience clearly and precisely. 

Label Design

A great label is informative, intriguing yet inviting. Whizamet provides you with a collection of label design services with the right blend of information and standards.

We believe that custom label designs are the crucial element in product branding.

That is why we ensure that our label designs coordinate with your overall marketing plan.

We strive to make a good first impression with understandable text and appealing colors that attract buyers. 

Label Design

Watch your business carve out a new identity for itself

Our dedicated team and prudent strategies will turn your vision into a reality. 

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