Graphic Designing
Graphics is one of the phenomenal tools that can make your brand recognizable amidst the cut through competition, helping you to attract a larger audience, nurture high intent prospects and enhance customer engagement.

Personalized Artwork

We design customized sales sheets, one pagers, advertising material and email templates for our amiable clients.

Custom Illustrations

Our authentic, high-quality custom illustrations can be embedded anywhere in your website or social channels thus shaping up your image.

UX and Web design

Our design team ideates, creates and consults on branding and mockups to make sure that you serve the site visitors in the best way.

Logo Designing
A logo is a symbol that makes your brand identifiable to the customers. It’s a representation of your brand that appears on all the visual communication of your business. Your logo should reflect the personality of your organization and should grab the attention of your target audience.  Our expert designers create unique logos with perfection that makes you easily recognizable.
Visiting Card
Visiting cards are the foundation step to a new relationship. What’s the benefit of a business card that fails to impress? After all, a little card says big things about your brand and corporate identity. We create stunning, simplistic visiting cards that certainly make a stylish first impression, reflecting the unique skill set of your business.

Brochure Design
Brochures facilitate conveying powerful messages to your audience. A brochure just not need to be attractive or pretty looking but it should carry informative content to make customers aware about what you’re offering them. Our graphic designers create high quality, cost effective brochures perfectly fitting in every bit of information to portray your company in a favorable light.
Social Media Posts

Graphic designis a crucial part of social media marketing. No matter how unique the content of your social media post is, if it’s not accompanied with attractive visuals, you can’t capture the attention of the audience. We create eye catching social media posts with unique illustrations and original graphics that prompts more engagement on social media.

Social Media Banner
At Whizamet, we design creative social media banners embedded with unique graphics and catchy words. Our engaging, unique and original social media banners reflect your brand identity, capturing an image of what you’re offering to the customers. Our services ensure fetching enhanced traffic, generating more business opportunities for you.