Optimize your revenue with truck dispatch services

Whizamet provides dedicated dispatch services to owner-operators and truckers who are frustrated with managing their back-office operations and wasting their precious time on low-paying freight. 

Our goal is to save you from the hassle of managing your administrative tasks so that you can focus on growing your business. We aim to ensure you maximize your revenue and efficiency. 

Whether you have a hands-on business approach or you’re looking for a paperwork-only plan or you want us to manage everything, we can tailor our dispatching solutions according to your unique needs. 

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We’ll get you the best loads for your trucking business

We are a team of dedicated truck dispatchers and logistics coordinators who are committed to ensuring the smooth running of your operations. We find the most active loads according to your requirements at the best prices. We have contacts with the top freight brokers that help us to get the preferred loads for you. Our dispatchers negotiate the highest rate with the freight brokers to get the maximum out of them. So, when you sign up with us, you can be confident that your truck dispatch company is familiar with the trucking industry and bat for you to search for the highest-paying loads.

We take the frustration out of your transportation job

Load Searching

Load Searching

Rate Negotiation

Rate Negotiation

Credit Checks

Credit Checks

Paperwork Management

Paperwork Management

Safety/Dot Compliance

Safety/Dot Compliance

Billing/Factoring Services

Billing/Factoring Services

Save time. Increase productivity. Maximize revenue.

We are one of the leading truck dispatching companies committed to helping small as well as large trucking businesses reach their maximum potential and streamline their trucking operations. We help carriers and owner-operators haul more freight cost-effectively.

Our services allow fleet owners to focus on their business, helping them increase their business efficiency besides boosting their revenue.

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Truck smarter with Whizamet

We have the expertise and experience of reliable freight dispatch services to help your trucking company find the best freight that matches your preference while offering full-fledged back-end support solutions. 

Trusted dispatch solutions: No hidden fees, No additional expenses

Overhead Savings

Managing your back-end tasks will cost you thousands of dollars. With our truck dispatching services, you can reduce your overhead expenses with a skilled dispatcher. 

Low Rates

No more paying high fees for freight. We have a low service charge for every load we book for you.

Stress-Free Freight

Stop wasting time on finding and negotiating loads. We will book loads for you while you’re busy on the road.


We do all the heavy lifting Work

Whizamet is committed to streamlining your efforts. We offer a variety of freight dispatch services to organize your trucking operations. Our team handles all the complex tasks so that you spend less time worrying about logistics & more time focusing on your business growth.

Keep your wheels rolling with us!

Keep your trucks rolling and your clients happy with our professional dispatch solutions. By outsourcing dispatch to us, you can reduce your operating expenses and boost operational efficiency. 

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