Career scope in Digital Marketing​

With the rise in the use of the internet as a medium of communication, digital marketing is on high demand in today’s modern world. In just a short span, it has grown into a significant trend through which a business can reach its target audience and understand their customers in a better way.

 The void between the demand and supply of digital marketing professionals are creating ample job opportunities for individuals to build their career in digital marketing. It’s emerging as one of the hottest fields allowing the skilled candidates to earn high paying jobs.

Learn the latest tools and techniques in digital marketing

Best Digital Marketing Training​

Whizamet is taking the initiative to provide the best knowledge to our trainees. Our training course is designed to enable you to become a full-fledged digital marketer with expertise in digital marketing domains such as pay per click, social media, search engine optimization, online reputation management, email marketing. We embed the knowledge of the latest tools, techniques, and marketing trends in our training course.

Our digital marketing training provides you in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing domains and allows you to work on real-world projects for practical experience. Digital marketing training will be delivered by highly experienced trainers who are best in their field. Our trainers will guide you from start till the end until and unless you become a guru in the field. 

What skills you will learn in our digital marketing training?​

The digital marketing training program will help you master the complete skill set of digital marketing. Through our training program you will be able to:

  • Gain a complete understanding of digital marketing functions.
  • Learn how to optimize digital marketing disciplines.
  • Become competent enough to handle multi-channel campaigns
  • Understand the real-time challenges in the field of digital marketing.
  • Have a practical and interactive experience by working on live projects

Course Module​

M 05: YouTube and Video Marketing


Level - 1 YouTube Marketing Fundamentals
Video Flow
Google Pages for YouTube Channel
Verify Channel
Webmaster Tool – Adding Asset
Associated Website Linking
Custom Channel URL
Channel ART
Channel Links
Channel Keywords
Branding Watermark
Featured Contents on Channel
Channel Main Trailer
Uploading Videos
Uploading Defaults Creator Library Practical Examples

Level - 2
YouTube Marketing Advance
Channel Navigation
Video Thumbnail
CTA – Annotation
CTA – Extro
CTA – Cards for Mobile
Redirect Traffic to Website
Post Upload Enhancements
Live Broadcasting
Managing Playlists
Managing Comments
Managing Messages
Monetization with Ad sense
Paid YouTube Channel
Channel Analytics
Real Time Analytics

Level - 3
Video Making for YouTube
How to make videos
Camera Angles
Setting up Lightings
Shooting Techniques
Editing Videos
Editing Audio
Background Music
White Board Animation
Publishing HD Videos
On Hands Training on Video
Editing Software
Practical Examples Creating Animated Contents

M 06: E-mail Marketing for Business

Level -1:
Email Marketing – Content Writing
Email Machine – The Strategy
Email Frequency
Why People Don’t Buy
The Fuel – Value
Triggers in Email using 4Ps
Sequence of Email Triggers
Email Example – Topic
Email Example – Intro
Email Example – Product
Email Example - Secondary Value
Email Example - Fear Email
Example – Regret
Email Example – Ask for Sales
Email Example – Reinforcement
Email Example – Offers Announcements
Email Example – Urgency
Email Example – Cross Sales
Email Example – Re-Engagement
Email Example – Buyer vs. Consumer

Level -2
Email Marketing Advance Level
Email Software and Tools
Importing Email Lists
Planning Email Campaign
Email Templates and Designs
Sending HTML Email Campaigns
Web Forms Lead Importing
Integrating Landing Page Forms
Campaign Reports and Insights
Segmentation Strategy
Segmentation Lists
Auto-Responder Series
Triggering Auto – Responder Emails
Auto Responder Actions

M 07: Lead Generation & Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Tools
Email Campaigns
Email Autoresponder
SMS Autoresponder
Creating Landing Page
Landing Page CTA
Lead Generation Strategy
Capturing Leads from Sources
Website Widgets
Lead and List Management
CRM Integration
Sales Integration
Products Integration
Business Reporting
Lead Source Link Building
Lead Tracking Features
WebHooks and Connectors
Complete Automation Strategy

M 08: Ecommerce and Payment Gateway

Ecommerce Business
Planning ecommerce Website
Product Placements
Product Grouping
Promoting ecommerce Website
Remarketing Products
Understanding Coupon System
Appointing Affiliates for Products
Cross/Up/Down Selling
Payment Gateway in India
Application and Documentation
Collecting Online Payment
Web Store using Payment Gateway
Web Fronts using Payment Gateway
Invoice Payments through Emails
SMS Invoice Payments
Integrating Payment Gateway
Payment Links and its Promotion
Affiliates for Payment Links

M 09: Remarketing Strategies – Advance Level

Re-Marketing Flow
Email Re-Marketing Strategy
Segmentation Re-Marketing Strategy
Facebook Remarketing
Google Adwords Remarketing
Marketing Machine Bucket Filling
Dynamic Re-Marketing for ecommerce
Pixeling and Tracking Cycle
Video Remarketing
Custom Audience Remarketing
Engagement Re-Marketing

M 10: Google Plus for Business

G+ Pages Ranks Higher
Google Plus Profile
Google Local Business
Google + Company Page
Adding Contact Links
Utilizing +1 Button
Managing Circles
Posting Contents
Google Hangouts
Social Relevance to G+ in Adwords
Sharing G+ Buttons on Website
Hash Tags and Mentions
Review and Testimonials
G+ Mobile App
Integration with Website

M 11: LinkedIN, Twitter and Pinterest Marketing y

LinkedIN -The hub of B2B Networking
Creating LinkedIN Account
Updating Contact Information and Links
Designing Profile and Summary
Managing Connections
Advance Searching
Who Viewed Your Profile
Endorsements - Publishing and Receiving
Creating LinkedIN Company Page
Updating Products and Services
Creating Showcase Pages
Engaging with Updates
Running Paid Campaigns
Recruitment through LinkedIN
LinkedIN Groups
LinkedIN Mobile App

M 12: Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool

Web Analytics
Integrating with Website
Measurement Metrics
Accounts and Profiles
Analytics Reporting
Sorting, Filter and Time Chart
Audience Segmentation
Traffic and Behavior Reports
Remarketing Audiences
Goals and Conversion Reports
Developing Intelligence Report
Google Webmaster Tool
Setting up Tool for SEO
Adding and Managing Assets
Integrating Webmaster Tool
Site Map and Site Links
Search Traffic and Links
Google Indexing Managing
Crawl Errors
Managing Security Issues

M 13: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understanding SEO
SEO Keyword Planning
Meta Tags and Meta Description
Website Content Optimization
Back Link Strategies
Internal and External Links
Optimizing Site Structure
Keywords in Blog and Articles
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Local SEO
Mobile SEO
Ecommerce SEO
Optimizing with Google Algorithms
Using Webmasters Tool
Measuring SEO Effectiveness

M 14: Affiliate Marketing & Google Ad Sense

Understanding Affiliate Marketing
Sources to Make Money Online
Selecting Affiliate Program
Applying for an Affiliate
Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion
Payments and Payouts
CPC, CPA, CPI and other metrics
Getting Most Conversions
Day to Day Work Scheduling
Managing Affiliate Accounts
Google Ad Sense Account Setup
Placing Ads on Website
Placing Ads on Blogs
YouTube Video Monetization
Allowing and Blocking Ads
Performance Metrics
Ad Sense Administration

M 15: Case Studies and Practical Assignments

Case Studies and Practical Assignments
We have experience of running more than 1000 Ad Campaigns. We will share Case Studies and Advance Strategies.
We will also give you Practical Assignments for Website, Ad Designing, Email Content Writing, Affiliate Promotions, SEO and many more.
So that you not only learn Digital Marketing but you can actually implement Digital Marketing Strategies for your or your client’s business.

M 16: Google Certification Program Training

Section 01: Registering Google Certification Program (Free)
Section 02: Training for Google Adwords Certification
Section 03: Training for Google Analytics Certification
Section 04: Training for Google Video Advertising Certification
Section 05: Sample Test Papers for Google Certification Examination
Section 06: Online Exam for Certified Digital Marketer from MagnetMarketing.in

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