India is the leading country when it comes to the number of Facebook users. India alone has around 270 Million Facebook users. This opens up a market on Facebook for businesses to promote or market their brand. Facebook Marketing is all about promoting your business on Facebook. It includes both organic tools like content creation as well as paid tools like Facebook ads, boosted posts, etc Facebook does offer many options when it comes to marketing, ads being the most common one to reach out to the consumers. Given the demographics data of the users, the ads can be designed to target a specific group of audience.

1. Brand Awareness

Facebook Marketing is a great way to make people aware of the performance of their brand. Be it targeting new customers or retaining the older ones, Facebook Marketing always proves to be very efficient when it comes to Brand Awareness. It is an utmost need to make people notice what you are offering to them so that it becomes easy for the consumer to make any further decision.  

2. Lead Generation

Facebook Marketing works as a great tool for Inbound Marketing. When you provide the consumers with relevant content and information, you automatically attract quality leads that are likely to become customers in the future. Facebook lead ad form can also be used as a tool to build the e-mail list for the business.

3. Customer Service

It has become really easy to build up the Customer relationship thus giving the chance to brands to improve their customer service. Messenger bots prove to be very helpful when it comes to talking to the customer instantly and solving their queries. When you market your product or website, the consumer is going to visit your page for a better understanding of queries and it gives the business an extremely good opportunity to improve the customer experience and build a strong relationship with the customer.

4. Drive Traffic

Facebook Marketing allows you to redirect the traffic to your website. Facebook provides you with many options to help you with this. You can design your ad campaigns with the view to increase traffic on your website, use Facebook buttons, and boost your posts. Once the potential customers are on your website, there are more chances of retaining them provided you are providing them with the desired information.

5. Relationship Building

Relationship Building with the customers is very essential as only then you can go forward with other forms of marketing. As Facebook provides various tools to know the demographics of the audience on your page, it becomes easier for the business to plan its content according to the taste and preferences of its audience. Once the audience likes what you are giving them, automatically a customer relationship is built.